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Christ Reconciliation Evangelical Ministries (CRECEM) is a non-denominational Christian outreach appearing at this end time as appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ to:

  • Pull down strong holds and yokes of darkness in the life of believers.
  • Bring victory experience in life challenges
  • Raise faithful believers, true disciples and rapturable Christians.

We mainly operate online and members are expected to login via our website and social media handles to be part of our programmes.

Our Vision

To spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ thereby bringing the lost into God’s kingdom

Our Mission

To bring into practical terms the workings of Jesus Christ into the lives of everyone

Our Commitment

  • Bringing people into the knowledge of truth in a deceptive world and helping genuine seekers of Christ’s kingdom to find the true narrow way
  • Bringing into believers experience the abundance of Christ’s riches here on earth
  • Helping believers stay on course to the end.

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