3 Days 2nd Quarter Prayer Program (Uprooting Satanic Roadblock) 30/03/2023

DAY 1  30/03/2023

Text:  Gen 26:17-22
And Isaac departed thence, and pitched his tent in the valley of Gerar, and dwelt there. And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father; for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had called them. And Isaac’s servants digged in the valley, and found there a well of springing water. And the herdmen of Gerar did strive with Isaac’s herdmen, saying, The water is ours: and he called the name of the well Esek; because they strove with him. And they digged another well, and strove for that also: and he called the name of it Sitnah. And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not: and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the Lord hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.

Confession:  Jer 1:10
See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

The agenda and activities of our enemies shall perish. The grace of God shall be our enabling power to accomplish our plans and set goals. We shall continue to strive in the strength of our Lord. “If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small”. Prov 24:10

    • Praise and worship God in songs:


    1. Thank God for your life, for your family, for your sustenance, for your health and for your protection, in Jesus name.
    2. Thank God for the strength to do work, for the knowledge and wisdom to be appreciated, for the peace, love and divine intervention at all time in Jesus name.
    3. Confess your sins to God and plead for mercy and forgiveness, in the name of Jesus.
    4. Blood of Jesus, cleanse me and purge out every contamination slowing down the works of my hands, in the name of Jesus.
    5. I pull down every human barrier put in place to stop my advancement, in the name of Jesus.
    6. Every envious Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem, putting blockades in place to frustrate my efforts and work, be paralyzed by fire, in the name of Jesus.
    7. Holy Ghost fire, consume every satanic checkpoint, placed on my path of advancement and success, in the name of Jesus.
    8. I possess the spirit of resilience and wisdom, to subdue and silence my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
    9. I decree compete demolition and evacuation of every spiritual and physical obstacle denying me of rapid manifestation of breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.
    10. Begin to thank God for answered prayers, in the name of Jesus.

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